Destabilizing Libya: Another Obama “Success Story”

Remember last year when President Obama leaned over to then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and confided in him that he would have more “flexibility” in his second term? I found it absolutely amazing that there were those at the time who considered Obama skilled at foreign policy. Seriously? Many have forgotten Obama’s brilliant vision of “pivoting away from the Middle East.” Now we see that Obama has successfully destabilized another country for the Muslim Brotherhood: Libya. Meanwhile, Egypt is embroiled in a bloody civil, sectarian conflict thanks to Obama emboldening radical Islamists with his Cairo speech, and endorsing a Muslim Brotherhood government under Mohammed Morsi.

Now Libya has lost any possible hope for a future advancing individual liberty. It has become a lawless country where the Muslim Brotherhood leader can openly defy the Prime Minister — a Prime Minister who was abducted by radical Islamist militia.

We still have made no positive advances in ascertaining what happened to the four Americans in Benghazi last year, abandoned by our government to be killed – or in “Obama speak,” a “phony scandal.” And yes Mrs. Clinton, it does make a difference because it demonstrates first a lack of foreign policy vision and even worse, reveals a President and an administration disturbingly comfortable empowering Islamic totalitarians in the Middle East.

This is not leading from behind. This is surrender… or perhaps all part of the grand plan.

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I weep for the soul of our country


If our country has a soul left.


I recently read up again on Pol Pot. The country of Laos and it’s people are still living in an oppressed state of communism for example, many of them in the capital city of Vietiane are still without electricity and those who have it experience regular government-ordered blackouts. This is what happens when those, such as the likes of obama, “destabilize” a country. We can’t let that happen to the US.

It is part of Obama’s Grand Plan. Egypt has the goods on Obama and that is why Obama stopped a big part of the money they were getting….to make them keep their mouths shut. You notice we’re not getting news about Egypt like we were from the media showing the citizens demonstrating with signs against Obama calling him a terrorist. I hope their military doesn’t cave into Obama and releases all the information about Obama being a Muslim Brotherhood member. Obama was paying the Muslim Brotherhood big money on the side and I’d like to know where that money was… Read more »
Linda Standley

Wow, I thought something, like that was going on, but I didn’t have as many facts about it as you. I just found Allen W page. And I am flabbergasted.


It’s even worse than most people realize. There is a 10 Part video series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America done by a man that worked for President Reagan that people really should watch to really understand what Obama is doing here in this country with the Brotherhood.

The youtube address for it is…..

Share it with everyone so people can prepare for what is coming


Obama needs to go and take Hillary with him, among others. Wonder where they will all be sitting when it is over. I don’t know how she can say, doe’s it really matter and have the nerve to run for anything. I wonder if it would matter if it had been her daughter. Another complete ass.

“Grand plan” comes to mind — isn’t the pattern the same through all the “Arab Spring” countries — Obama right there with the Muslim Brotherhood….. and supported by the US Congress? The facts you DON’T know about Benghazi make it clear that the truth is incredibly more awful than the fairy tales spun by the President and others — and no one in the Administration or Congress has had the integrity and honor to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Why has our Congress not initiated treason proceedings? Obama knows….. Putin Knows….. the Muslim Brotherhood… Read more »

He’s a sleeper