What I Wish Obama Would Have Said Today

The unemployment rate for Americans between the ages of 16-24 is at 15% but instead of providing any solutions to that problem, today President Obama took to the Rose Garden to lecture America about the failures of the Obamacare website. I certainly wish the President would have explained to the American people why there are waivers, exemptions, and delays for his cronies and elected officials, but not for individual Americans.

Americans want to get back to work, not be forced to accept part-time hours or see their insurance premiums skyrocket. Americans did not want Obamacare. I suppose President Obama will never explain the non-standard procedures used to pass it through the House and Senate in 2010, with only Democrat support.

Will President Obama direct Secretary Sebelius to appear before the American people this Thursday, or are we no longer citizens but rather serfs? In Obama’s mind has the system of checks and balances and executive branch accountability become non-applicable? Naturally, the presidential pontification blamed the government shutdown on the website shutdown. Funny thing, the Obamacare website has a 75% failure rate – but at least that’s better than the 100% Obama failure rate.


  1. I would “Deem” this entire affair a failure.

    I wish however, that we wouldn’t have to lose half the effectiveness of our health services to learn this lesson. Its quite expensive.

      • Thanks, Michael! I must have confused this bill with another bill where 8 republicans went to the dark side (Mark Kirk being one of them).

      • Are you referring to the Gang of Eight? That’s about amnesty and it will probably get pushed through as well. The problem I see with it is that we still have over 20 million U.S. citizens out of work. Obama has promised life-long work permits along with amnesty. Kind of makes you wonder whose side he’s on.

      • We are so screwed! Everything we were afraid would happen has come to fruition! This will be the last nail in the coffin.

      • If Lame-a$$ companies REFUSED to hire illegals there would BE no problem…. They are “laying off” Americans and hiring illegals because Obama REFUSES to do his job, which is to PROTECT America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Should we all pray that he looks in the mirror tommorow and then takes himself out? HooRah!

      • He is way too arrogant to ever do that. He’s the King, the Messiah. Remember he said if he didn’t cut the deficit in half in his first 3 years he’d be a one-term prez? Well, he didn’t keep his promise, did he? One day he will push his luck too far.

      • only one answer without blood…………boycott!!!
        let the illegals, alone, support the traitorous companies. i believe there are enough veterans and conservatives to stop this by hurting the pocketbooks of the anti-Americans.

      • All he wants is votes if not for him for his party so Socialism can continue to grow until the communists gets their way and our America is no more. It’s in “the Plan” and the “Plan” is to destroy this country from within. IMHO that is the way I see it and I’m sticking to it! I have no other choice – it’s right there in front of our eyes for those who has the courage to remove their blinders and OPEN THEIR EYES!

      • My fear is that the new democrat voters (aka illegals) will see to it that the Dems take back control of the House. We’ll be stuck with all of the crap Obama has implemented, including his healthcare mess, and the corruption will continue. How the hell do we get our country back????

      • Kind of? Exactly….wake up! His agenda (actually his handlers agenda) is to destroy America, and Amnesty will be the nail in the coffin.

      • You know it. I know it. Why are there still so many who can’t see it? Some of these misguided fools are friends of mine and I consider them to be intelligent as well as well-read. Were they hypnotized? WTH???? I don’t get it.

      • The democrats had control of the House and the Senate in 2009 when it was passed. Even if the Republicans had been “invited”, the Dems would have voted it through anyway.

      • That may be 100 percent true. However that is not how a Democracy works. You don’t assume you’re going to win and not hold a vote. We have a system of checks and balances that Obama has been circumventing. This is why people say he acts like a dictator.

      • Obama doesn’t follow the rules. Never has, never will. With all of the rules he’s broken thus far, why is he still in the White House?

  2. There will never be another honest politician in this country until the influence of money and big business is removed from the equation!

    • Hogwash. money and ‘big’ business is not what is corrupt, it is the politicians that are corrupt … more specifically, the amount of power they wield. You need to focus on removing their ability to be corrupt … ala Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. Think about it … BUSINESS would only give $$s to these useless scoundrels BECAUSE they wield so much power. If we do what the Constitution originally called for, they would not be able to command those $$s. The lying B’ds McCain-Feingold pretended to limit $$s and what happened, they gave themselves MORE power. Do NOT call for them to have MORE power (i.e. control $$s and big business), or you will breed MORE corruption.

      • Exactly….well said. So sick of Corporate America/ Corporate Greed being blamed for everything. Without Corporate America, the only jobs would be government jobs!

    • Thought for minute….about what you just said. So you say remove big business’s money but not the corrupt politician? Oh…so it is not any fault of the dishonest politicians? I say remove the corrupt politicians and let the businesses flow. That is what America was founded on.

  3. Obama should have said THESE WORDS: “My fellow Americans …. I apologize for EVERYTHING. I am resigning effective immediately”.

  4. ..not to worry. Obamacare will crash under the weight of it’s own inadequacy. Just like our president will. Actually saw someone tearing off their Obama bumper sticker yesterday. Must have got their new policy.

    • That is actually good to hear, because all the Obama supporters I know refuse to acknowledge ALL the disasters of his.

  5. scottie m You asked who is going to do anything about it, We can it is called civil disobedience just don’t do it.our system has failed us now we must make a stand if we on mass refuse to participate obama care will fall apart under it’s own weight we the people do have the power and we can show them

    • and when it comes tax time don’t pay our taxes and conveniently remove all our money from our bank account so they cant pull it from there,they will try.

    • You sure don’t have to convince me to not use that website. I wouldn’t put my personal information on there for anyone to access. On top of that, the Navigator people who are suppose to answer questions and assist with the website haven’t even been vetted – not even a background check!! Can you say ID THEFT?! Beyond ridiculous!!

  6. heard a Canadian companay CGI or something like that designed and implemented the Obummer Non healthcare website, so once again Americans lose jobs to a goverment run program. Unacceptable….

    • yes the site was designed by Canadian company. worse than that the site has no security. for a few hundred dollars I can put up a fake Obama care website and have you give me all your information.I’ll empty your bank account within an hour.

  7. I wondered about that. Not only did they send a job that could have brought big money to be spent in OUR country, but did he seriously believe that a Canadian software company could do better on setting up a complicated computer system than Microsoft or Apple, especially a system that would be used in the US?

    • Now the US government is sending all the spent ammo brass casings to China after spending more money on processing it when it all used to be bought by a US company that reloaded it and resold it….one of the reasons there is an ammo shortage. That company is laying off workers as a result. Again, when are people going to wake up and realize Obama’s agenda is to destroy America?

  8. should have heard john mcafee he said they tried to hire him and let him do it over the phone to solve the problem with that site in first place it is a shell with many malware trojans that are sent from the site to said computer and steal your info the cgi is such a moronic company they teach the indian programmer in three months to create such a MURPHYS LAW IN ACTION IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE WALKING EXPLICITIVE AT LARGE A MAJOR CLUSTER YOU KNOW WHAT TO CON THE PEOPLE AND MAKE US THE LOSERS I WILL NOT BUY THEIR GARBAGE PERIOD IT IS A NO WIN SITUATION THAT NOBODY SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN PERIOD

    • we call that and so did Clint Eastwood it is “a cluster fuc%” to define further a big group of people running around trying to figure out how and what to do next. Our government to a tee.

    • I would not call him an idiot. He, like his father the devil, is extremely sly and cunning … America has brought much of this on herself through our arrogant treatment of Israel – especially since Reagan left office (George H W Bush’s residence was destroyed by the “Perfect Storm” while his neighbor’s homes remained intact – right after he condemned an Israeli air strike on an Iraqi chemical weapons plant, undertaken in self-defense). Clinton treated Israel’s premier shabbily, then George W really ticked God off by bullying Israel into “Land For Peace” scams. Obama is so anti-Israel it’s not even funny. We are being judged, but there is plenty of mercy here. Even for our Prez, if he decides to repent – I know it’s a long shot, but he can if he wants to.
      Just saying, America is being duped by the big O, just like our security networks were providentially blinded to the 9/11 attacks until too late … as long as we treat Israel as a tinker toy we can play with in the middle east, we will see the U.S. become more and more irrelevant. It’s more firm than a “law of nature” – it’s God’s promise. Genesis 12:3

  9. Socialism is a cancer that destroys everyone in its path, even turns on its own proponents eventually. The only cure is LIBERTY!!!!!! Keep fighting for what you know is right, Mr. West. I am so thankful for your voice of reason in this sea of lies and propaganda and idiocy.

    • Glenn Heath, That is too funny. I was actually scouring his comments looking for where he blamed Bush, too. I realized that it won’t be long before Obama starts touting the whole mess as a huge success, so no blame is necessary.

  10. Nothing like the President of the United States outsourcing a major program that would have created more jobs in our country! This will bring more trust in our government decision making to the forefront! No wonder his rating is so low. I find it interesting that they don’t show the actual numbers of people that were successful in completing the enrolment process vs. the 500,000 that tried!

  11. I want to hear about what our elected officials are going to do to increase jobs in the US? When are we going to end “free trade” of cheap foreign goods that send more and more businesses overseas? When is the government going to start spending our tax dollars right here in the US? It can’t happen overnight (we couldn’t afford it)… but I hear NOTHING about bringing jobs back to the US. I see so much about “free trade” and cheaper goods being imported more and more. And more Americans being put out of work. Not to mention making it harder for businesses to start up and compete with the older established companies in the US.

  12. As usual Obama lectures us as though he were the most brilliant human being God ever created and we are just poor stupid people who need him to lead us around by the nose. I wish he would have told us that his entire presidency had been a big mistake and he was resigning today. Our health insurance payments have been raised 3 times in less than 2 years because of his health care bill and I can no longer pay my hospital bills because my insurance company is getting so much of our income. Thanks Obama!! President West sure sounds good to me!

  13. While we argue among ourselves, Obama marches on more speedily than ever, erasing us as the most blessed nation under God. He declares this will be a Muslim nation by 2016. Congress is now going after the constitution.
    No use listening to his words…they are lies. Connect the dots between his deeds.
    He has armies (both foreign and domestic) stationed all over our country and equipment hidden to kill Americans when he gives the word.
    Don’t give him the satisfaction of showing fear, disbelief or weakness. Prepare to die; fight if you choose. But brace yourself, so you can die like a hero. It may be our only choice.
    We will all stand before a Judge one day, and no one will escape.

  14. What makes me so mad is that Obama could and should be brought up on impeachment charges right now and tossed out of office, but the ones up there who know this and have the power to do it, won’t!!! Mr. West, you have connections, you have the knowledge, you have the power to get the ball rolling, but still stand by and just talk about things. Its time you start doing instead of talking. I am behind you. I think you have the country’s best interest at heart, but you are sitting on the side lines just like everyone else who knows what is really going on and wont actually fix the problem. Take action if you are going to preach it!

    • I believe Allen West is working on solutions and will be unleashing the dogs soon. He’s already proven his strength and loyalty. The Leftist Liberals shouldn’t underestimate this guy. He bites.

      • From one fellow American to another; please buck up and ask God to help us do it. We may be down but we are not out. Not by a long shot and not over my dead body. We need to stop taking crap from the evil doers who think they are running our Country.

  15. We cant let these Constitution haters remain in power. They are lining America up for the New World Order. Our sovereignty as a free and Independent nation will be handed over to the UN. Say good bye to our rights and liberties and everything our founders and veterans fought for. I wont accept it. These are the days our bibles warned us about. All the prophesies and predictions have come true.. JESUS where are you? Come quickly

  16. Yes, the real cost is not just dollars but lives spent worrying about your health care, and whether or not you will be able to afford the insurance. Will the elderly be shuffled off the planet, in order to make way for other paying customers? What legacy are we leaving our children and grand children?

    • Sadly, after living month after month of having our dollar devalued and living in constant fear of how much harder it was going to get and how much higher the cost of insurance and medicine are going to cost, a dear elderly friend of mine took ill and was “shuffled off the planet” last weekend.
      obama is bad enough, his supporters are worse and should be held accountable for ever having brought him anywhere near power to begin with. They should be publicly shamed and shunned.

      • Thank you, Tammy. I trust and pray God continues giving me strength, just as He has this great Nation.
        obama and his supporters need to be reminded of that….and should be worried.

      • Actually they should be gone. I only hope and pray that if those that are still sleeping and drinking the cool aid, when they wake, it won’t be to late to get this country back, it scares me to death. We could all do it in large numbers, that’s what it will take.

    • He is forming death squads for the elderly so that he can take back their SSI payments! And then that will pay for his FEMA CAMPS that all that are on his insurance plan will be rounded up and placed in them to control their thoughts and to rid the nation of them so only the minions and brainwashed will be in the nation and he can be declared king!

  17. What ?? obama said something today?? It is said that Jesus’ captors placed a crown of thorns on His head to cause Him pain and to mock His claim of authority. No crown of thorns on obama’s head yet ???

  18. Christi, Republicans are the minority in the senate, we will have to wait until after the mid-term elections (assuming the republicans take the majority and I am sure they will with this dictator and his minions in power) to try to impeach. But in my opinion we are far past a simple impeachment and are at the point now where we need to throw a fool in prison for treason. I would like to see about 5 million pissed off Americans at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. calling for his immediate resignation and everything he has done reversed.

  19. buckzilla, I note the lamestream media consistently misses photo ops (like the 20 odd muslims on the million muslim march, vs. the thousands of bikers) & other things the Obama-nations don’t want us to use for fodder.
    God forbid the media be level headed & fair on these points….

  20. This Hitler pig moron will never admit that he is screwing the American people. My insurance is more than doubling now because of this jackass. He is a communist pig with one thing in mind, to destroy our economy and the country to be taken over by the Islamic jackasses and be beheaded if we don’t comply with them, well I guess I’ll lose my head, this time for real.

  21. Obama promised that those of us who have pre-existing conditions can’t be turned down for coverage under his plan BUT they damned sure asked if I had one and are setting my rates accordingly. In other words, they still won’t have to cover me because I can’t afford the premiums. BASTARDS!

  22. This executive branch has no accountibility in this matter as in all the other matters (scandels, ie; Bengazi, IRS, Justice Dept.). Obama has made no mistakes….always someone else to blame. I’m waiting for him to come up with a way to another term. Maybe his wife? Thanks for all your comments Col. West. An old South GA saying, “the sun don’t shine in the same dogs butt forever” I’m ready for sunset myself.


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