So glad you’re here

Welcome to our new website. I’m honored that you’re taking the time to visit this site.

We hope to engage you on a myriad of issues facing our nation. We also hope you’ll share this site with others and let us know your thoughts. One of my goals when I served in Congress was to have complete transparency with my constituents so they knew what I was getting up to on their behalf. I will continue to serve my nation and keep you up to date.

So here we go! I hope you’ll find the articles here informative and thought provoking. Let us embark upon the grand endeavor to restore our Constitutional Republic together.

Steadfast and Loyal



  1. thanks for all you do! I always read your posts, they are intelligent and pull no punches. we are in deep trouble in this country – I hope more people read your writings and realize what is at stake!

  2. So glad to see your web presence. We need your leadership. Let me know what help you need…I’m ready to help take our great country back.

  3. Love the format of this new Website! LOOK forward to you soon getting back into the ring . Its a circus out there run by clowns. I’m staying POSITIVE you will be back but son thankful for all the hard work your doing . God Bless !

    • Ret Armor 1SG Mike Bowen: Thank you for your service to our Country. I am grateful to those such as yourself and Ret LTC West for giving a damn (and then some).

  4. Congratulations on your terrific new website Mr. West. Your dedication to our country is exemplary. Your wisdom and clear thinking will be greatly needed in the coming months and years. God’s speed sir.

  5. I look forward to visiting your new website everyday. Like many Americans I admire your honesty, leadership, and devout Christian faith. God Bless and much success.

  6. TY Col. I pray this is just a prelude to your run for President in 2016. Sir our Nation calls on you once again to stand tall and do your duty. You have my support.

  7. Had to peek in at the new site. It’s great, and easy to navigate! Glad to hear you’ll be on Greta again tonight. Hubby and I will be watching. We respect your opinion very much. Thx for standing up for common sense in govt (of which there is obviously so little of these days), and for the the citizens of this country. It’s a frightening time. We’ve lived through many Presidents and have never seen anything before like the corruption and thuggery taking place today.

  8. Thank you & God bless sir! I’m in Californanny state, and the stench is getting overwhelming here. Consider that we have 2 senators that are members of the Eva Braun fan club feinstein & boxer (pelosi, clinton, warren) and their clown jerry brown. This is a state of purgatory. I would like to seek political asylum in Texas. As my forefather’s names are on the Constitution twice I sincerely appreciate your endeavors on behalf of all Americans. My employer would pay for my healthcare, but I have requested them to pay my fine. It is cheaper for them, and I will maintain my principles. I was born an Adams, and I will honor thy name for freedom.

    • I left Commiefornia, in part, due to those 2 brainless twits and their idiotic counterparts in the House, and moved back to TX. Between them, the gungrabbing, Gray Davis as goobernator, I’d had enough.

    • Man, I feel for you, Michael!
      My inlaws live in Kalifornia and despite all the late hours spent talking to them and presenting them with FACTS, half of ’em still voted for obama! Makes me want to puke…also makes me wonder where I went wrong, what did I not do or explain to them so that they could understand the facts and the truth. Needless to say, I am not speaking to them these days but as things take a dive and get harder/worse (for some of us, that’s already happening), they’ll be hearing from me about it. Every darn day!

      • I know it’s crazy. The Constitution is so easy to comprehend. The media is the worst. I think we can accomplish more & faster wth an Occupy Media movement. I’m serious about getting to Texas though. The nice weather is not worth the cost of freedom.

      • Without a country, nothing else (not even a lousy economy OR nice weather) will even matter. Country must come first, the rest is bonus.

  9. Mr. West – I enjoy reading your comments on Facebook and beleive you have some very valid arguments. Right now there are a couple patriots out there like yourself who are not afraid to buck the system..Dennis Michael Lynch, Ted Cruz to mention a few. My concern is this: all of you have similar messages at times …but the message is not connected in anyway. So it comes across as a small voice here…a small voice there. You guys show up on Fox regularly, but not many other mainstream media outlets. Same thing with the internet. Just not enough positive articles out there. You guys need to pool your resources…pool your messages…pool your efforts….pool the voice so it’s louder. The voice needs to be backed with facts and logic….unlike the opposition. Most importantly…the voice needs to have a solution backed with logic and facts. Citizens of this country aren’t going to keep listening to someone who just complains about what is wrong, but doesn’t offer a better idea.
    I look forward to continuing to follow you on Facebook and try to catch you on Fox when I can.

    • Mark: I agree with most of your post but I wouldn’t want our conservative candidates out there sounding like parrots, such as how Leftist Libs sound. However, I do think our candidates need to be gathering to learn how to identify and weed out the Marxist/Socialist/Progessives that have burdened our Country and then strategize on how to educate the public to do the same and vote the commies out.

  10. I agree with others here who think you would be an excellent President. I hope you run and be sure to get Dr Ben Carson a part of your team!

  11. I don’t think the GOP would stand behind you…You are what America needs but the sheeple are to stupid. Romney received 9% less votes than McCain makes my point.

  12. LTC West-I am so glad you have developed this website. I am looking forward to reading your articles. Can you write something about the Democratic Socialists of America, Socialists International, Workers International League and the In Defense of Marxism crowd? I can’t believe that these people are openly calling for a revolution in our nation and that we even allow someone like Alan Woods on US soil. I think the American people need to have the names and organizations of those who are currently doing all they can to disrupt the working class and bring Socialism/Communism to our nation. Lenin is dead. Alan Woods is alive an well and will speaking in New York on October 26th.
    Thank you for your service and I am so glad that you continue to serve the American people. We need someone like you, who genuinely has a love for this country, standing up for our nation.

    • Thanks for being a fellow “Concerned American”. Need more like you (the ones who know and understand who our real enemies are). I believe that in order to have good strategy, one must first “know thy enemy”. Unless people know who we are up against, they won’t know what plan of action to use.


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