“Defunding” Obamacare: Strategic Overreach

Just last night we watched the Congress of the United States enact another last minute kick-the-can-down-the-road piece of legislation. Congress reopened the government — well the 17% of it that was closed — and extended the ability to borrow more money to pay for money that has been borrowed.

And in usual Congressional fashion, we will have to repeat this theater of the absurd by January 15th, 2014 for government funding, and February 7th (which just so happens to be my fifty-third birthday) for the debt ceiling. I assure you I won’t be adding that to my celebration.

Unfortunately, the American people lost in every way in this debacle. And worst of all, our children and grandchildren will have to shoulder this mountain of fiscal irresponsibility.

As well, the Republican Party surfaced from this episode appearing even more disjointed and of course, weak. President Obama and the Democrats, although totally wrong in every way, somehow hold on to their popularity.


It all comes down to having the right strategy and tactics — which includes the ability to effectively communicate the message.

Now, I’m going to say something that will probably upset some folks, but it needs to be said. The efforts of Senators Cruz and Lee are wholeheartedly admirable and valiant and they should not be criticized for their strategy. But as I’m a student of military strategy and tactics, I must say their tactic of attempting to “defund” Obamacare reminded me of Operation Market Garden in September of 1944 during World War II.

Stay with me here — let’s go back in time, and I’ll show you what I mean.

Field Marshall Montgomery envisioned cutting off Germany’s industrial base and advancing across the Rhine in the north. It would require the successful seizure and holding of several key bridges over rivers and canals. British General Horrock’s XXX Corps was the primary ground force. The operation was, and still is, the largest airborne operation ever conducted. The mission of the airborne forces was to secure the series of bridges enabling the Armored Corps to punch through.

However, at Arnhem, the British 1st Airborne Division encountered a stronger than anticipated German force. In actual fact, as a result of bad intelligence, they were dropped right on top of a German armored force.

Operation Market Garden was a brilliant concept and estimations were that it would end the war before winter.

But it failed on the tactical level. The Airborne Division was unable to secure the bridges to allow the Armored Corps to advance.

Just as Operation Market Garden depended upon coordination between Airborne and Armored forces, so did the Cruz-Lee strategy depend upon conservative and moderate GOP support to be successful – with the right tactics.

The Cruz-Lee attempt to completely defund Obamacare was a bridge too far.

Instead the focus should have been much more narrow, using President Obama’s own language of “delay” to support the delay of the individual mandate. Just as important, since the President is always talking about fairness, Cruz-Lee should have highlighted the “unfairness” of the administration granting thousands of waivers and exemptions, including for Congress and White House.

Now the GOP must be prepared for the enemy reaction, just as the Germans launched their Ardennes offensive after Operation Market Garden. The Democrats smell blood in the water and sense an opportunity to exploit a defeated GOP. President Obama and the Democrat strategy is obvious: divide and destroy the GOP in order to secure the House and Senate for the last two years of the Obama presidency.

For the GOP to be successful on this battlefield, it must have battle-hardened leaders. The party needs a tough intransigent like Brigadier General Anthony MacAuliffe, who even when surrounded at Bastogne refused to surrender. We need visionary leaders like Generals Eisenhower and Bradley. And lastly, the party needs an aggressive field commander like General George S. Patton.

My recommendation?

The Republican Party should have a weekend leadership retreat at the Army War College in Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania and learn a little about strategy and tactics. And I hope those strong warrior leaders will emerge — sooner rather than later.


  1. Thank you sir for your insight. Now I wonder if we have any that will take up the challenge of uniting conservatives. Personally of the opinion that a 3rd party is needed.

    • I respectfully disagree. The drill here is to defeat the dems. All a 3rd party will do is split the right into 2 weak segments which will all but guarantee the survival of the dems, and anoint Hillary in 2016, along with complete control of both houses of Congress.

      • True. And there are some states and districts where it is nigh impossible to elect a conservative. Sometimes you have to take what you can get. That said, there is no reason that we cannot get more people of honor and integrity to the hill.
        I think AZ, for example, will elect a conservative. They thought that they had one–but McCain has not only forgotten his promises, he now mocks true conservatives for doing what they promised that they would do. He has shown his true nature. He is so comfortable in Washington that he had to get personal because he feels the freshmen senators should know their place.
        We are getting used to hearing petty, bitter, sarcastic and personal from the Obama White House (and his lapdog Reid). It’s unseemly and embarrassing. Now we get it from our own party?

  2. Excellent points. But our fearful leaders in the GOP fail to learn and set the tone for defeat every time. Fear of default,Fear of the MSM, Fear of appearing to be called raciest. Starving grandma and babies. The fears and lack of true grit almost end-list.

    • Leaderless GOP is why I no longer consider myself to be of the Republican party. Their appeasement attitude, lack of leadership and morals has lost me to the Independent side of the Political fight. Until the Republicans enter this fight to win with leadership that knows what they are doing and able to route the enemy, I will stay Independent.

  3. Sir

    As you well know a battle plan is only that a plan. I would prefer to relate this to This poem was written to the suicidal charge by light cavalry over open terrain by British forces in the Battle of Balaclava. As you well know they charged and broke through the russian lines and routed the battery. Had the heavy cav and inf. shown the same courage the russians would have been pushed back over the only bridge leading into russia. The courage and ability to see an unexpected turn of events and capatalize is the sign of a great leader.

    • Sir, in kind response to you, I offered a strategy and posted it to FB about a month ago. It laid out the CR and amendments that should accompany it. I was and have always been right here saying this on social media and on Fox interviews. History remembers Rommel, not many know of Von Schlieffen, the strategic architect. There are those of us who silently offer assistance. Steadfast and Loyal, Allen

  4. I respectfully disagree.

    Yes, Ted Cruz and company may have “overreached” , but I think most of us already knew that the defunding attempt probably wouldn’t work. Let me ask you something; Allen West, a man I DO respect, gave some vague ideas… but where was he? Why didn’t he suggest these ideas to Cruz earlier? Why did he wait in the sidelines? Most important, what IS the strategy? That being said, I will give him credit for not publicly trashing Cruz and Lee, unlike the establishment Republicans like John McCain and Peter King.

    Yes, they lost. But we learned some very important things. NOW we know who in the GOP will stand by us and fight with us, and who is only interested in the status quo.

    Now we know who actually BELIEVES in the American people… and who is only interested in holding on to power.

    Now we know who to support and who to follow… and who to disregard and vote out of office.

    I suspect Cruz, Lee, Paul and others will continue to gain popularity amongst the REAL conservatives, while those in the Republican establishment who opposed and mocked him will lose popularity. Yes, they lost, but they stood up and FOUGHT for us, even though most of us knew it would probably be a losing battle. Unlike the majority of the Republicans who catered towards the Tea Party Movement to get elected, Cruz and company actually KEPT THEIR PROMISES that they would fight to repeal Obamacare.

    No war was won without losing a few battles.
    No battle was won without taking casualties.

    You’re not going to win ’em all. Col. Allen West, of all people, should know that already.

    • Sir, in kind response to you, I offered a strategy and posted it to FB about a month ago. It laid out the CR and amendments that should accompany it. I was and have always been right here saying this on social media and on Fox interviews. History remembers Rommel, not many know of Von Schlieffen, the strategic architect. There are those of us who silently offer assistance. Steadfast and Loyal, Allen

    • I agree with Mr Wholly, Colonel West.
      One of the strategies that the Republicans have been failing at is educating the public. Cruz and Lee took the stage when it was available. Hopefully, some low-info voters got educated. Republicans sure know where to go for leadership now. The knowing where NOT to go is at least as valuable.

      PS–I want that Reagan painting that you were fronting during your latest FNC interview.

  5. Ted Cruz , Lee put their political careers on the line doing what they were asked to do by those who have elected them. Boehner? He knew it was a lost battle against the democrats. H Reid is such a Obama suck arse. Knowing Reid would do as the president wanted and not the people..

    Point is, Republicans reminded me of a old saying. “I may have lost a battle, but not the war.”. and “I have not yet begun to fight”
    Remember that Democrats.when the “Obamacare” fully kicks in. Then it is “Told Ya so”.

    • “Those Republican rebels in Congress may have demonstrated, at least until the shutdown ended, that there are some GOP leaders still standing for principles and understanding spending and Obamacare are moral issues of the day,” said Solomon Yue, a founder of the RNC’s Conservative Caucus. “If we are not willing to fight on those issues, Republicans could become Whigs. Therefore, the shutdown drama not only re-energized our demoralized base but also preserved our GOP army for the fight in 2014 and beyond as far as our grass roots are concerned….If the Founders made their decisions based on poll numbers: 33 percent for revolution, 33 percent for King George and 33 percent in the middle, we would not have America,” Mr. Yue said

      • Late comment. Party was known as the democratic- Republicans (Jeffersonians). You’re comment is correct about the Whigs. If it was not for a handful of outlaws and traitors to King George. There would be no American rights. Republican party for me is to keep the check and balance of government. Today those “Republican Rebels” remind me that it is the people, By the People and for the people. Thomas Jefferson said-“One man with courage is a majority”.I believe in this quote. Thank you for your comment.

  6. And when they finish up at Carlisle Barracks, they should go to the Allen West home for some more in-depth schooling on strategy. Be their leader, LTC West. Be OURS…

  7. I am a former constituent of yours:

    However, had you been a senator, you would have joined Cruz & Lee & inhofe & Sessions in EDUCATING AMERICA IN THE CORRUPT PONZI SCHEME named after his namesake the serial prevaricator aka Bari Malik Shabazz the illegitimate son of Malcolm X Little Shabazz & fugitive from justice Joanne Newman a jewess, from NYC, sister of socialist, deceased Fred Newman, aka Elizabeth Duke (on the FBI MOST WANTED LIST). Joanne /Elizabeth attended the the NCAA finals with Bari 3/31/13.





    You have misunderstood the opportunity these brilliant senators had to galvanize America, most of whom are oblivious to the corruption in DC.i

    This tact would not succeed as a repeal or defund, merely as a stepping stone to the inevitable War Front, just beyond the horizon.

    This was not an invasion, merely a timely drill.

    As to your honorable intentions, you should be admonishing Jim Demint; Cruz & Lee are his production. Both of them clerked for Supreme Court justices & know Roberts committed a crime by rewriting the law. Lee explained the chronology during the filibuster–the public would have NEVER KNOWN!
    Now why would Roberts have a change of heart? Hmm. Does the NSA HAVEVA DOSSIER ON HIM OR HIS ADOPTED CHILDREN?

    And Demint will be your BENEFACTOR if you run for senate. Don’t expect the RNC to assist you in any way. They did zero in NJ.

    ARENT YOU RELIEVED YOU PASSED OVER JOYCE? I hind sight you will also comprehend Demint’s wisdom.

    GOP is a party as dead as it can be. First it tried to kill the TEA PARTY & now it’s killing me…

    • Someone’s POV to emulate, Lt. Col: ( if you have future Poliitical Goals)
      “Obama is now out pushing (albeit a bit more subtly now) the teleprompted meme of blaming the terrible, nasty, ”extreme” Tea Party Republicans for shutting down the government and pushing the nation’s economy to the brink of default. Do the president’s words reflect a victory for far left progressive Democrats? Actually no. Not by a long shot…
      (Barack Obama is now shackled by his own incompetence, and a Democratic Party already looking to 2014 and beyond…)
      First, regarding the government “shutdown”, what are the takeaway moments from those two weeks? One, a whole lot of people realized no discomfort from having roughly 18% of the government shut down. That’s a big win for small government conservatives and libertarians. Basically, the American people had a taste of just how little a good chunk of the American government actually does – at great cost to the taxpayer no less.
      Read more in News
      « Reaction To Congress Passing Debt and Government ShutDown Deal – NO-NO-NO-NO

      Second, within the context of that shutdown we witnessed the blatant abuse of our war veterans. This revealed Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership as the petty, spiteful, overly political ruling class many have long known them to be. Even liberals grew increasingly uncomfortable at seeing those memorials shut down, and the attempted lock out of visiting military veterans. The Mainstream Media worked overtime trying to bury this story, but the Alternative Media deservedly pushed it out there, and those images will remain in the minds of voters for some time.

      Third, the conservative base within the Republican Party found its voice during the shutdown and debt ceiling negotiations. Moderate/left leaning Republicans like John McCain and Mitch McConnell, are rightfully viewed as Big Government sell outs. While they may enjoy temporary favor among a liberal media, and their Democratic Party counterparts, the rank and file Republicans no longer view them as leaders of the party. They will cling to their assigned legislative positions for some time longer, but theirs are the old voices, grown weaker, and no longer representing the emerging and unified conservative base. That is a good thing, and WILL pay dividends in 2014 and 2016.

      Fourth, Obama fatigue. The country is now mired in it. Fewer and fewer care to listen to what Barack Obama has to say. His weaknesses, his laziness, his self absorbed nature, has worn out his welcome among voters and within his own party. Remember that recent poll indicating his approval had fallen to well below 40%? That was no outlier, and the Obama White House knows it. Obama is now pivoting toward ”immigration reform” is he? Won’t work. Democrats will not touch that with a ten foot pole heading into 2014, and after Republicans consolidate power during the Midterms, and pick up Senate seats, that issue is DEAD.
      Barack Obama is plenty arrogant enough to believe this government shut down dispute will be a lasting weapon to allow big government liberals to take back all of Congress. It won’t. The political operatives already know this to be true, and are quietly re-positioning themselves AWAY from the Obama White House.

      Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the massive disaster that has been the Obamacare roll out. Again, the liberal media is working to push this issue to the side, but it is in fact, the single most important story of the last two weeks. Make no mistake, keeping Obamacare’s failures out of the spotlight was a big motivator in why Harry Reid and Barack Obama were so adamant to continue the dispute between the two political parties. That dispute was the perfect distraction away from the ongoing car wreck that is Obamacare.
      That horror show will continue as more and more Americans lose their doctor, find their premiums going up, their work hours cut, or their job eliminated altogether. Tens of thousands of these examples are already out there, and thousands more are being added each day. Sooner, not later, the American people will hold those responsible for this disaster accountable. This accounting scares the Democrats to death, especially those elected in red states. They know all too well there will be no help from the Obama White House should they find themselves politically crippled by an angry mob of voters hell bent on removing them from office.
      No, the Mad King and his cadre of investors are already counting the hundreds of millions of dollars coming their way post-2016.

      He will be busy counting that money, while the rest of us will be busy taking this country back from the brink of insanity that has been the hallmark of the Age of Obama. The fiddle will be put away, the flames put out, and a sense of responsible purpose and determination returned to the White House.”


  8. Perhaps the reason their strategy proved to be “a bridge to far” is they mistakenly believed they could rally timid Senate Republicans to stand together with them, underestimating the craven, misplaced self-interest of the breed. I can’t fault them for trying however, and think their valiant efforts may lead to a victory in the end. I love learning from your deep knowledge of military history Lt. Col. West. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and for continuing your fight for this country.

  9. Allen, I respect your analysis of this political moment. I would just like to say as an observer I found it very beneficial to see who is who in DC. I learned from this event that the official Republican leadership appears to be wrapped up in their egos and not worthy of their political office, along with the other Republicans that go along to get along. This moment made it very clear to me that the Republican party who represents the only chance that our country has to continue what our forefathers started is replete with chair holders and sorely lacking in soldiers. I will take this lesson and support all conservatives in primaries throughout the country to try and change this dynamic. I do believe if others also saw what I saw and also work across the country to get new conservative blood elected in the primaries and in the general elections that we just might get our country back. I see it as a long term proposition, but one well worth sacrificing a little time and money for. Our military deserves better leadership and we owe it to future generations to give them a better America not a better Amerika!

  10. Allen, Please forward this information to Issa, Grassley, and Sen. Mike Lee:

    1. http://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/about-that-passport-again/

    Stanley Inc. was acquired by CGI Group in 2010. There is also a note that Stanley acquired Oberon Associates, also a defense contractor in June 2008. They also acquired Techrizon LLC out of Lawton, Oklahoma in April 2007. Stanley’s biggest customers ? They are our Army, Marines, Navy, DOS, and Homeland Security. Note that wiki includes the fact that it operates facilities to produce US passports.

    Now we include the corporate structure of CGI Group who’s key people are Serge Godin and Michael E. Roach. Note the name George Schindler also. Serge Godin founded CGI in 1976 in Montreal, Canada. In May 2010 they announced the acquisition of Stanley for 10.07 B. CGI has markets in the following areas. Let’s look at those.

    Banking, Credit Unions, Distribution, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail, Telecommunications, Utilities, Wealth managment and Financial Services. They sell software to all of them.


    2. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/10/15/obamacare-web-program-developed-by-cgi-no-bid-contract-who-own-silver-oak-solutions-who-developed-prism-cyber-collection-for-nsa-as-revealed-by-edward-snowden/

    On May 7, 2010, CGI Group Inc., a leading provider of information technology and business processing services, announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire Stanley. The merger was finalized in August 2010.

    John Brennan head of the CIA worked for Stanley Inc. During this time Obama’s McCain’s and Hillary’s passport files were accessed by 2 unauthorized employees. One employees Lieut Quarles Harris was murdered soon after by being shot in an alley by an unknown assailant.

    Now Michael Hastings was investigating Brennan:
    In July, a source provided the station with an email hacked from “super secret CIA contractor” Stratfor’s President Fred Burton and subsequently posted on WikiLeaks that suggested Brennan was in charge of the Obama administration’s surveillance of investigative journalists.

    Michael Hastings and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett at President Obama’s election-night victory party in 2012 (Photo: John V. Santore)

    So lets see: CGI connected to Stanley Inc connected to Brennan, head of CIA. Obamacare is being used purely as a vehicle to SPY on americans and punish those who step out of line.


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