“Let’s Make a Deal”

I may be showing my age here, but I grew up with Monty Hall and the TV show Let’s Make A Deal where you had to decide whether you wanted to keep the prize you had or trade for what’s behind door number one, two, or three. You might end up with a nice bedroom set, or a rubber chicken. I feel like I’m watching this game show this play out regularly on Capitol Hill.

I was always under the clearly misguided impression that elected officials stood upon sound principles and governance. Wrong.

Today we see one party completely wrong on the issues, but aided by a complicit media, is capable of promulgating incessant lies. On the other side, we have a party with all the right principles, but incapable of coherently articulating their vision for America.

The Democrats on the left are seriously angry about not being able to spend more hard-earned American taxpayer dollars. For them, they must continue to raise the limit on our borrowing in order to continue bribing low information voters and those who believe they cannot exist without the government. It is as de Tocqueville stated, “our Republic will cease to exist once the voting electorate realizes they can vote their own largesse from the public treasury.”

It’s typical Obama hypocrisy to make a big song and dance about dropping the deficit — from $1.4 trillion to $900 billion — but he doesn’t like the policy, sequestration, in other words, cost-cutting, that enables the deficit to drop.

Indeed, as part of ANY deal, the Democrats what to end sequestration altogether. They just love to spend your money.

On the other side, the Republicans are struggling to present a unified front against the progressive media bombardment. The message should be simple: cut government spending! We heard the federal government itself declare 800,000 government employees as non-essential, so unlike what Nancy Pelosi said about her cupboard, there’s plenty more on the pantry shelves.

We need to cap government spending, plain and simple. Right now, government spending is at 25% of our GDP with ten-year budget estimates from the White House taking it up to over 30%. Government spending should be capped between 18-21%.

Secondly, we must balance the budget, something most states must do, and we all must do in our own homes. We need economic growth, not more committees, not more debt, not deals, just principled solutions.

Finally, the Affordable Care Act must be the law of the land and therefore apply to all: no waivers, exemptions, and delays for unions and cronies while ordinary Americans get the shaft. It’s either a law for all, or a law for none. If it doesn’t apply to all citizens, it’s not a law, it’s an EDICT. And as far as I know, we still live in a constitutional republic, not a monarchy or dictatorship…at least for now.

There must be income verification for subsidy requests and the medical device tax must be repealed. Then, let’s tackle tax, regulatory, and monetary policy reform to spur economic growth.

Will any of this happen? I ain’t holding my breath. What will happen is everyone will pat themselves on the back because they will have made some sort of deal. Unfortunately, once again, it will be the American people, those hard working folks struggling to make ends meet, who get the rubber chicken behind door number three.


  1. We need to change the culture in Washington, D.C. It won’t be easy but must be done. No more career politicians. No lobbying ever, once they leave office. In fact, we need a law in place that keeps these parasites from ever getting within one hundred miles of the place after they leave office. Of course, that last one is a joke, but you get my meaning. In all seriousness though, terms should be limited in a novel way, by raising the bar for election after two terms have been served. Take a U.S. Representative for example. A simple majority is needed for initial election and a first re-election. After that, the bar gets raised, first to 55% and up from there to 67% in subsequent elections. If people in any particular district want the guy or gal that much, then I’d say he or she deserves it. But, certainly, such an idea would end what I call a Monarchy of Congress.


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